7 Metrics to Analyse Successful Leaders

7 Metrics to Analyse Successful Leaders

Do you consider yourself successful? If your answer is “Yeah, I guess,” here are the seven main standards of success you could measure yourself on:

  1. A Healthy Relationship With Yourself:

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Treat yourself the same way, you’d help your best friend suffering from any minor glitches or problem. Success ultimately hinges on how you internalize every experience.

  1. A Gratifying Family Life:

Are you there for them when they need you? Do you make a concerted effort to improve their lives?

Take the first step in reaching out or actively keeping up with family members- plan a trip or any outing and try to keep them happy!

  1. A Fair Wage:

Money doesn’t create happiness, but money can certainly offset the stress of larger issues like mortgage payments or putting your kids through college. Receiving a wage fit for the work you put in and paying others generously while recognizing their hard work is what exactly would make you feel rewarded.

  1. Good Health:

When you’re consumed with business as usual, it’s easy to let your health slip. Succeeding in health is similar to how you’d treat a nice car. Do preventative maintenance by eating healthy and exercising often, and don’t forget to get regular checkups so you’re not missing underlying issues that could be affecting your performance.

  1. A Fulfilling Career Path:

While work inevitably brings its challenges, if you don’t find a sense of satisfaction in your daily work, you should probably consider a career switch.Decide whether the annoyance at work is worth accepting or searching elsewhere could minimize your stress and revive your positive outlook on life.

  1. Respect for Others:

When you strip away the ego, you end up realizing the worth of each and every human being around you.

  1. Contentment With Yourself:

There are needs in life, and there are wants. The most successful people in the world are the ones who aren’t driven by their egos, but by what makes them feel content.