Advantages of Technology for HR

Technology has changed the business world many times over. In the Information Age, the advent of computers and the Internet has increased that impact significantly. From the rise of social networking to the demise of attendance registers, the HR fraternity has witnessed technology ripples in unmistakable terms. Every new and harmless-looking dribble of technology has led to a domino effect. But technology has undoubtedly had a positive impact on HR. Some of the ways in which technology has helped are:

1. Data Storage and Retrieval
Human resources professionals generally process a large amount of paperwork and also have to keep much of that paperwork on file for a considerable period of time. The use of electronic imaging has made it possible for companies to store and retrieve files in an electronic format. Technology also makes it possible for human resources professionals to simply print the forms that are needed for employees. Printing on demand eliminates the need to dig through an endless number of files in the file cabinet to find what is needed.

2. Recruitment
As the global economy recovers more and more companies realize that talent is their biggest challenge. Strategic recruiting, employee development, social networking, and internal employee communications are all critical business issues. HR software is no longer purchased to improve the efficiency of HR. Today companies buy these systems to help transform their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and the ability to hire.

3. Saves Time
Most HR departments already have to work with outside vendors, such as health insurance companies or payroll businesses, but the different vendor databases and software programs are not connected in any way. The internal HR department usually has to field questions from employees about any problems or issues with the different self-service websites, which can take up valuable time. When an integrated technology system is installed, employees only have to log in to one website to view their current insurance information, payroll status, accrued vacation time and retirement plan information. A one-stop website that encompasses all employee information can save everyone time and energy.