6 Ways to Turn Managers into Coaches Again

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The role of the manager is currently undergoing a transformation. Historically, managers embraced the role of coach and mentor. Through informal conversations during the commute to work, over a coffee break, or while enjoying a burger after hours, managers passed along crucial information and knowledge about the organization’s culture. Even more formal conversations, like one-on-one meetings and small group gatherings, ... Read More »

How to Give Tough Feedback That Helps People Grow

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Over the years, I’ve asked hundreds of executive students what skills they believe are essential for leaders. “The ability to give tough feedback” comes up frequently. But what exactly is “tough feedback”? The phrase connotes bad news, like when you have to tell a team member that they’ve screwed up on something important. Tough also signifies the way we think ... Read More »

Workforce Analytics of the Future: Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Talent Needs

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Predictive analytics are rapidly becoming an important strategic tool for HR leaders in building their talent management pipeline. Leading companies are using predictive analytics to understand and forecast where talent will be plentiful and scarce, how talent will move between roles, and even who will leave and when. And increasingly, powerful analytic tools can be used to help forecast and ... Read More »

Stop Using Employee Friendships to Measure Engagement

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Here’s a question that has been touted by human resources consultants and practitioners for the better part of two decades as an important way to measure employee engagement: “Do you have a best friend at work?” While a principal of the polling organization Gallup, I prominently defended and helped popularize the concept. But, over the past half-decade, I’ve grown increasingly ... Read More » to lay-off 600 employees in next 3 months

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Realty portal plans to lay off at least 600 employees in the next three months, as it steps up focus on its core technology and product and tightens its cash burn, according to several people familiar with developments at the company. A management representative at Housing said the company was laying off 160 employees in non core businesses that ... Read More »

Getting a sharper picture of social media’s influence

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Over the past decade, marketers have increasingly turned to social-media networks like Facebook and Twitter to create buzz around their products. But what impact do tweets and other recommendations have on sales, and how can companies get a bigger return on their investments in these important channels? To get a clearer view, we examined the purchase decisions of 20,000 European ... Read More »

The Bharti Airtel India CEO says his greatest achievement is the strong team that now runs the telecom firm

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In the two-and-a-half years that Gopal Vittal has been running the India business for Bharti Airtel Ltd, the company has seen a sort of reversal of fortunes: net profit is finally increasing after falling for 15 consecutive quarters. When he joined, most of the top management quit. That, he says, was his biggest failure at the helm of Bharti. Since ... Read More »