India has start-up talent, but is it Innovative enough?

India has start-up talent, but is it Innovative enough?

The process of setting something in motion requires not only confidence but also conviction to defend one’s own ideas and win over the critics.

Tapping the right talent is extremely important for a start-up as it is these hires which can make or break the company.
But does India have the kind of talent start-ups need? Or have they been educated and trained in a manner that suits traditional companies better?

To find some answers, Jombay, a talent analytics firm, analysed data of 3,000 engineers in 150 companies (35 start-ups and 115 established firms) on cognitive and behavioral traits across seven cities. Companies chosen were both product and service ones (e-commerce, IT, ITeS, web apps, iOS, and Android apps), and the engineers included both entry-level professionals and laterals.

It was found that roughly one in every three engineers in both setups (start-ups and established firms) scored at par or better than global standards on cognitive traits (IQ) like problem solving and critical thinking, the basic intelligence required for an engineer. However, notable differences were found in behavioral traits aka personality traits.

The results varied from 41% startup engineers who scored more than average on creativity while 38% engineers in established firms scored more than average on being data driven. Talking about risk appetite, 58% engineers in startups exhibited higher appetite for risk while 64% engineers in established firms exhibit the tendency to stay compliant to industry norms.


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