New Trends in Talent Acquisition in India

It been found that a company can have the right technology, the right infrastructure, the right products and services – yet still fall short of expectations without the right people. Thus it is always important to keep a watch on new trends.

The next big trends in Talent Acquisition in India are:

1. Internal Talent Advocates – An emerging talent acquisition trend in 2014 has been focusing on internal candidates, especially top performers, to improve performance and retention. Major companies are making internal talent a focus of their talent acquisition function. The importance of advocating for internal candidates is that this helps employees define their career goals and understand the opportunities in the company.

2. Mobile recruitment is taking off – In recent years, ‘social, mobile, local’ has become something of a marketing mantra. But of all of these, it is mobile that’s become big news. As mobile computing goes from strength to strength, this sector within recruitment will inevitably continue its growth, with more and more applications and functionality related to talent management becoming available on these devices.

3. Big data will drive real decision making – Much like mobile, big data has been hotly tipped as a key trend for several years. Yet for all the talk, the real impact has yet to materialize. Now though, new services are emerging that can analyze and sort the mass of data held within the world’s biggest companies – meaning big data can start to play a big role in the world of recruitment. Now, the challenge and the opportunity will not be around collecting big data, but using it to inform strategic business decisions and demonstrate the ROI of recruitment activity.

4. Assessment Centres – Research shows that the normal 10 minute interview which forms the basis of most of the hiring processes is one of the most inefficient ways to assess people. However it is the cheapest and the fastest. But, as talent becomes costlier and more difficult to source, companies are beginning to go the extra mile to ensure it fits their requirement. A few companies have started using assessment centres for some time and many more are following suit.

5. Increasing focus on Employee Referrals – Consultants are costly, cold calling takes time and half the new joiners don’t turn up the first day. So, Companies today are laying great impetus on employee referrals as they are cheap, people referred quickly want to join and a majority of them actually join.