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Workplace 2020 Conversations

Save Time on Screening Resumes using Artificial Intelligence


Be it naukri.com or monster.com, shine.com or one of the most popular LinkedIn, we have various recruiter search engines available to us. This Online Recruitment Search Industry has made significant achievements all over the world. Today one of the biggest challenges in the current recruitment landscape is the screening of those thousands of CV’s uploaded on these websites to get ... Read More »

Career Growth wins over Salary in Retention of Employees


Career growth scores over compensation and benefits when it comes to the biggest reason an employee would work for a particular company. According to an online poll when TimesJobs asked job seekers this question the biggest reason for most respondents came out to be the prospect of career growth in a company.   The poll results were as follows: 1) ... Read More »

Brain Technology: Smart Cap to Improve Safety and Enhance Productivity


Australian workers are starting to have their brains monitored in the workplace.  Dubbed “SmartCap“, the device looks like a regular baseball cap but is wired up with equipment to conduct regular electroencephalogram (EEG) tests on the wearer. The information is analysed to determine the alertness of the person wearing the cap and relayed to them immediately, as part of efforts to ... Read More »

Top 6 Tools that Increase Productivity at Work:


The effectiveness of productive effort, especially at workplaces isn’t about which apps, tools, and frames of mind one uses to get things done. It is more about the state or quality of being productive using a set of tools and processes upon which one can comfortably rely and also get important things done in life and work. The top 11 ... Read More »

What’s getting your organization down these days?


The top 5 challenges workplaces are facing today according to Axero Solutions 1. Employee engagement: Do employees seem bored and uninterested in their work? Well, this likely doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, considering that roughly 31.7 percent of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs. 2. Time management: Among industrialized countries, the U.S. ranks first in terms of ... Read More »

India has start-up talent, but is it Innovative enough?


The process of setting something in motion requires not only confidence but also conviction to defend one’s own ideas and win over the critics. Tapping the right talent is extremely important for a start-up as it is these hires which can make or break the company. But does India have the kind of talent start-ups need? Or have they been ... Read More »

PVR’s Roadmap to Expand its Film Exhibition Business

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From a 450+ screen company in 2015 PVR aims to become a 1000 screen company by 2018. So after acquiring Cinemax in 2012, PVR now aims to acquire DT Cinemas, DLF Utilities Limited for Rs 500 crore. DT Cinemas currently operates 29 screens with approximately 6,000 seats across 8 properties in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Chandigarh. In the ... Read More »

Six Vital Career Skills to help Women Techies Bloom

Woman pressing buttons on a virtual screen

More than 20% of America’s 50 wealthiest self-made women made their fortunes in the tech industry, both at old-school giants and newcomer startups. Keeping up with the pace, Indian and multinational companies in the information technology sector are seeing a steady growth in number of women in technical roles, reflecting the impact of their efforts to increase diversity. Women may ... Read More »

Four essential C’s a Start-up Entrepreneur should Swear By

If you are planning to start-up, you may be a late entrant in this business world but with these 4 Vital Skills you can easily make a mark as a successful entrepreneur. Conviction: A firmly held belief to defend one’s own ideas and win over the critics makes an Entrepreneur stand out. Successful entrepreneurs get to the heart of the ... Read More »

Improving Employee Productivity through Wellness Programs


With International Yoga Day round the corner, more and more businesses are building fitness opportunities at the workplace to help employees stay fit, healthy and most importantly HAPPY! As business owners and managers, people have realized the importance of fitness as a lifestyle choice for their most important assets- their Employees. Recently, the global financial major Morgan Stanley, in its ... Read More »