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Workplace 2020 Conversations

Amazon CEO meets PM Modi


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrapped up his week – long India tour with a meeting with Prime Minister Narendar Modi on Friday. For Amazon, which launched its marketplace in India last year, India is one of its fastest growing markets and is on track to touch $1 billion in gross sales. Since then, Amazon has drawn up the battle lines ... Read More »

Temporary Hiring in Indian Corporate Sector


The Indian flexi staffing industry employs 1.3 million people at present; they form 3% of the organized sector employment. This number is expected to touch 9 million and comprise of 10% of the organized workforce by 2025. About 79% of workers in the flexi staffing industry fall in the 21-30 year age group, indicating that flexi workers are hired mostly ... Read More »

Ways to Prevent Attrition

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Organizations that experience attrition quickly find themselves without an effective and productive workforce, resulting in reduced profits. In the fast changing business landscape, HR role is not of policing or personnel administration, but HR is expected to play a strategic business partner role as success of companies depends on its human capital. So what can HR professionals do to reduce ... Read More »

Managing Diversity at the Workplace

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Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an organization. Diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background, and more. Diversity involves not only how people perceive themselves but also how they perceive others. Those perceptions affect their interactions. For a wide assortment of employees to function effectively as an ... Read More »

Importance of Employee Benefits


A competitive salary and employee benefits are the factors that attract prospective employees to a company. According to the Randstad survey that was conducted to find the country’s most attractive employer brand in India, salary & employee benefits is the top priority followed by job security and interesting job content. Employee benefits have gradually emerged as a powerful tool to ... Read More »

Advantages of Technology for HR


Technology has changed the business world many times over. In the Information Age, the advent of computers and the Internet has increased that impact significantly. From the rise of social networking to the demise of attendance registers, the HR fraternity has witnessed technology ripples in unmistakable terms. Every new and harmless-looking dribble of technology has led to a domino effect. ... Read More »

New Trends in Talent Acquisition in India


It been found that a company can have the right technology, the right infrastructure, the right products and services – yet still fall short of expectations without the right people. Thus it is always important to keep a watch on new trends. The next big trends in Talent Acquisition in India are: 1. Internal Talent Advocates – An emerging talent ... Read More »

How to Shift Departments within your Organization?

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Growing as a professional entails gaining varied exposure and skill-sets. As a result, many employees look for opportunities to explore different departments and areas in their organisations. Not only do these bring variety in their job roles, but they also give them an edge in their career prospects Changing departments is a great way for employees to keep fresh, shake-off ... Read More »

5 Tips for Empowering Employees

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Employee empowerment is a term used to describe an employee mindset of responsibility, accountability, capability, and autonomy. In terms of business, empowerment is the opposite of micromanagement. For this reason, it may be very beneficial for managers to empower employees, thus fostering employee reliability and an environment of team-work. What can managers do to empower employees? 1. Foster Open Communication ... Read More »

Monitoring Employer Brand Online


The management of most organizations believes that their company is a great place to work, and operate from that point of view. But managing your employer brand means much more than just espousing a public relations image or a catchphrase. Recruiters benefit from monitoring employee engagement and managing employee culture. Awareness of company reputation and brand through online sources such ... Read More »

Employability Gap in India


How Bad Is It? Recent surveys conducted by leading consulting and industry organisations have inferred that more than 70 per cent of our graduates are not employable. According to NASSCOM (National Association of Software Companies), each year over 3 million graduates and post-graduates are added to the Indian workforce. However, of these only 25 percent of technical graduates and 10-15 ... Read More »

Importance of EQ at the Workplace


What is EQ? Emotional Intelligence Quotient is defined as a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviors, moods, and impulses, and to manage them best according to the situation. Typically, “emotional intelligence” is considered to involve emotional empathy; attention to, and discrimination of one’s emotions, accurate recognition of one’s own and others’ moods, ... Read More »