Save Time on Screening Resumes using Artificial Intelligence

Save Time on Screening Resumes using Artificial Intelligence

Be it or, or one of the most popular LinkedIn, we have various recruiter search engines available to us.

This Online Recruitment Search Industry has made significant achievements all over the world.

Today one of the biggest challenges in the current recruitment landscape is the screening of those thousands of CV’s uploaded on these websites to get the right candidate.

Other than screening, out-of-date information or non-updated profiles was another major black-hole in this recruitment process.


So the need of the hour was some reliable tools for screening and assessment of resumes.

And VOILA… We have Connectifier!

Connectifier, as the start-up is called, was founded by two ex-Google engineers, and it has already been quietly amassing a client base of tens of thousands of recruiters from top business in high tech, finance, sales, and healthcare.

The crux of the Connectifier approach to recruitment is to use big data analytics and machine learning to cut across the long tail of data on the public internet to create accurate and useful profiles of people, profiles that can be found proactively even when the individual isn’t actually looking for a new job, the essence of head hunting.


It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and tools for screening and assessment of resumes and creates a pool of most appropriate candidates.

It also looks across social networks, forums, and anywhere else where you might appear online, essentially crawls sites regularly to seek out the most up-to-date data about people to solve the problem of outdated information.


Another key area where Connectifier is producing interesting work is the ‘search’ which not only shows exact matches of what or whom we are looking for but also very similar matches which we might be interested in.


Thus this software has figured out, how to use the power of the content of the web to break through different information silos to help unearth people who might be good fits for specific roles.