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How multinationals attract the talent they need


Global organizations appear to be well armed in the war for talent. As competition for talent in emerging markets is heating up, global companies groom local highfliers—and actively encourage more managers to leave home. They tap sources of suitably qualified people around the world and attract them with stimulating jobs in different countries, the promise of powerful positions early on, and ... Read More »

Being rude at workplace could be Contagious

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A new study has claimed that rudeness at workplace is not only unpleasant, it is also ‘contagious’. According to  Warrington College of Business Administration, facing rude behavior at work makes people more likely to grasp rudeness in later intercommunications. Trevor Foulk, a doctoral student has said that when they experience rudeness, it makes rudeness more noticeable and they will experience ... Read More »

Working Men~ Be Careful!

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A recent study shows that Sexual harassment cases against men at workplace is rising. Researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) reviewed 282 complaints lodged over six months, reported. The study found 78 percent of cases were men harassing female colleagues. Professor Paula McDonald from QUT said 11 percent of the complaints ... Read More »

Zappos: A Workplace Where Holacracy Rules


Life at Zappos: Zappos adopted a system of self-governance that effectively has eliminated all management. This spring, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh — an entrepreneur known for his opinions on management — sent an all-staff email explaining how the entire company was embracing a concept known as “holacracy.” Holacracy is based on a term and concept coined by anti-totalitarian political writer Arthur ... Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Running Your Own Business


Do keep an open mind: It’s very important to be flexible and stay open to the right opportunities that come your way. If you have a passion for learning something new, you’ll never be disappointed. It’s crucial to be able to make adjustments even after your business is underway. Do find a strong partner and support system: Having a partner who brings different strengths ... Read More »

3 Recruitment Metrics: Every Company Needs to Know


Data is the language most business leaders speak very fluently and as the talent wars continue, it is becoming increasingly important to back up recruiting activity with numbers. We shouldn’t take business leaders into data immediately. An overall picture or a summary is a must before we take them into individual data elements. So now, the question becomes what are the ... Read More »

A Guide to the Best People Practices to Drive and Sustain Employees Happily


Finally, leaders are now convinced one of their last remaining competitive advantages lies with their people. Businesses have begun to signal to workers that their needs will now be honored on a scale only previously reserved for customers and shareholders. Raising employee engagement has become one of the highest priorities for organizations all around the globe. While leaders have come ... Read More »

Personal Branding- The Complete Guide


  We seek respect in our professional lives. Gaining the respect of others in the workplace is something many people want, but often have misguided ideas on how to achieve this goal. The following tips will provide valuable insight into the process of gaining and keeping respect in the workplace. 1. Display self-confidence: Do not let the fear of losing your job hinder ... Read More »

7 Metrics to Analyse Successful Leaders

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Do you consider yourself successful? If your answer is “Yeah, I guess,” here are the seven main standards of success you could measure yourself on: A Healthy Relationship With Yourself: The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Treat yourself the same way, you’d help your best friend suffering from any minor glitches or problem. Success ultimately hinges ... Read More »