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5 Quick tips to De-stress at Work

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Job stress is something we all face as workers and have different means to cope with it. Some jobs, by definition, tend to be higher stress such as ones that are in dangerous settings (fire, police), that deal with demanding customers (service providers), that have demanding time pressures (healthcare), and that have repetitive detailed work (manufacturing). But stress is not limited ... Read More »

Insights Into Being a Great Leader

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IQ and technical skills are important, but the most effective leaders in today’s world are alike in one crucial way: They all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence. It’s not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant. They do matter, but mainly as “threshold capabilities”; that is, they are the entry-level requirements for ... Read More »

How ‘Miss Poorly Dressed’ Misses a Chance of Promotion?


While an employee’s work performance may be strong, not presenting himself in a professional manner, may have serious repercussions on your career’s growth. Many surveys show being physically attractive in the workplace has its merits, but did you know that outside appearances can actually hamper career growth?According to a new study by CareerBuilder, an employee’s dishevelled appearance and unprofessional haircut can actively influence bosses’ ... Read More »

How Leaders are undermining their Team’s Creativity Inadvertently?


If your team is in the midst of solving a problem or generating a new product or project idea, you might be killing their creativity without even trying. Here are three of the most common things managers do that have deleterious effects: 1. Spending too much time on brainstorming. Brainstorming or holding a group discussion to produce ideas as commonly practiced ... Read More »

Save Time on Screening Resumes using Artificial Intelligence


Be it or, or one of the most popular LinkedIn, we have various recruiter search engines available to us. This Online Recruitment Search Industry has made significant achievements all over the world. Today one of the biggest challenges in the current recruitment landscape is the screening of those thousands of CV’s uploaded on these websites to get ... Read More »

Brain Technology: Smart Cap to Improve Safety and Enhance Productivity


Australian workers are starting to have their brains monitored in the workplace.  Dubbed “SmartCap“, the device looks like a regular baseball cap but is wired up with equipment to conduct regular electroencephalogram (EEG) tests on the wearer. The information is analysed to determine the alertness of the person wearing the cap and relayed to them immediately, as part of efforts to ... Read More »